LOCATION AS OF MAY 31st 2022 : 300 BELL BLVD. BELLEVILLE ONTARIO K8P 5H7 Just West of Sidney Street in the North China Buffet and Bibs Meats Plaza.


Creating Happy, Healthy Pets!

When a dog or cat eats some whole raw food, they’re compelled to use their minds, psyches and bodies in a way that is positively stimulating.

Feeding our pets raw puts them in touch with their natural, innate and dynamic instincts, fuels their bodies in a biologically appropriate way, and so they thrive.

Furball’s Choice is dedicated to the well being of your animals, inside and out. We are Quinte’s largest & original source for high quality and reasonably priced raw dog and cat food.

Feed your furbabies the way nature intended!

100% Made in Ontario

100% Guaranteed Fresh Product

100%  Government Inspected Meats

Convenient, Pre-Portioned, Complete & Balanced Diets

Feeding raw has never been easier. All Pet Food products can be purchased directly from our location. We always have products in stock, no need to pre-order. Select from over 300 raw food & treat options, please contact us for an up to date price list.


For added convenience, Furball’s Choice offers delivery to your door!

* Delivery within Furball’s Choice Main Service Area every Wednesday Evening to Belleville, Trenton, Frankford & Stirling is FREE for all orders of $75 or higher before applicable taxes.  Delivery to Shannonville, Carrying Place, Wooler, Glen Ross & Roslin is $10.00.

* Delivery along our Westward delivery route is $15.00 for orders under 300lbs.  This route takes us out towards Toronto & the GTA every other Friday. We kindly ask that orders for deliveries be placed and paid for in full by  Thursday at noon.  Please contact us to be added to the delivery notification list. 

We currently have our raw products available for purchase/pick up in:


  • Angus/Barrie/Borden – Independent Distributor
  • Baden/Kitchener/Waterloo/Cambridge/Stratford – Furball’s Choice Depot Pickup
  • Belleville & Surrounding Areas – Furball’s Choice HQ
  • Brantford/Brant/Paris – Coming Soon!
  • Brighton/Grafton/Coburg/Port Hope/Newcastle/Bowmanville/Whitby  – Furball’s Choice Deliveries (every other Friday)
  • Brampton/Georgetown/Caledon/Woodbridge – Uplifted Alpha Raw
  • Brockville/Mallorytown/Prescott – Independant Distributor
  • Campbellford/Havelock/Madoc – Nana Woof’s
  • Chatham/Kent Centre/Louisville – Maximus Raw
  • Collingwood/Meaford/Owen Sound/Hanover/WasagaBlue Mountain Raw
  • Delhi/Tillsonburg/Simcoe – The Dog’s Paw
  • Hamilton/Binbrook/Ancaster/Smithville – Raw Wars
  • Kingston/Odessa/Gananoque – Independent Distributor
  • London/Strathroy/Ingersoll – Independent Distributor
  • Manitoulin Island/Little Current/Espanola – Independent Distributor
  • Niagara Falls/St.Catharines/Welland/Thorold/Niagara-on-the-Lake – Monchie’s Munchies 
  • Ridgeway/Fort Erie/Port ColborneRidgeway K9 Foodie
  • Toronto/GTA/Mississauga/Scarborough/Markham/Oakville/Stoney Creek Furball’s Choice Deliveries (every other Friday)
  • Windsor/Essex/Amherstburg – Independent Distributor
  • Woodstock/Innerkip/Norwich – Independent Distributor


  • Wakefield, QuebecComing Soon!


  • Winnipeg, Manitoba – Thrive Pet Food Market

Nova Scotia

  • Meteghan River, Nova ScotiaIndependent Distributor


Please contact us for more information on our distributors and their products!  Would you like to join our distribution network of individuals and families who are passionate for improving the lives of furry loved ones and their families?  Contact us!

Why Feed Raw

The benefits of feeding a raw diet are numerous:

  • Clears up allergies.
  • Healthier digestive & Immune systems.
  • Less poop to scoop. Smaller stools which are small and firm.  They also biodegrade quickly and disappear in a few days.
  • Mirrors what a dogs and cats would be getting in the wild.
  • No preservatives, fillers, or chemicals.
  • Healthier, fuller, softer, shinier coats. Less shedding
  • Naturally cleans teeth and eliminates bad breath.
  • No more “dog odour”.
  • Increased energy and improved mood.
  • Decreased vet bills due to better health.  Longer life for your pets.

And now, cheaper than commercials diets!

The following product is our House Blend.

Please Click Here for a list of our other Raw Food Products. 

Furball's Choice Blend
10 lbs
20 lbs
40 lbs
Breeder Discount when buying 8 bags [320lbs] Per Month
Wholesale Discount when buying 20 bags [800lbs] Per Month
Price (Not Including Tax)
($2.25 per pound)
($2.00 per pound)
($1.80 per pound)
$67.00 ($1.68 per pound when you buy 320lbs)
$62.00 ($1.55 per pound when you buy 800lbs)

*  Prices May Change, All Raw Products Are Subject To HST.*

By its very nature, all raw dog and cat feed is a much more environmentally friendly product than highly processed pet foods. Processing pet food requires considerable energy input with cooking, drying and packaging. Raw pet feed avoids all this processing and carries the maximum nutritional value straight to your dog. Our suppliers use as much local product as they can find. In an effort to reduce waste, we encourage all our customers to bring their own reusable containers when purchasing our feed. We offer durable reusable bags, if needed.

Check out the Frequently Asked Questions for more information, or visit the Leerburg’s Q&A on Feeding a Raw Diet. for some very detailed information, including information on raw feeding myths, directly from world known champion bloodlines breeder and trainer, Ed Frawley of Leerburg.

Ingredients For The House Blend

The House Blend formula is updated periodically in order to provide the best nutrition based on the most up-to-date scientific information.

  • - Chicken 40%

  • - Beef (red meat, heart, green tripe, bone) ~25%

  • - Offal (internal organs, liver and kidney) ~10%

  • - Pickerel 20%

  • - Cooked Eggs 5%

Dry matter feed analysis shows 49% high quality protein, 35% fat, 6% ash, and 10% dry matter - a biologically appropriate formulation similar to the natural ancestral canine diet. The ingredients are fine ground and mixed together then frozen in 40 pound blocks. The blocks are pre-cut into convenient thawing and serving sizes. Each 40lb bag of Furball's Choice House Blend Raw contains 40 portions. The blend is cut by band saw so exact weight can not be guaranteed, however, each portion weighs approximately 1 pound.


This particular diet for pets is a completely balanced, nutritious, natural food for dogs. Cats only require added taurine to make this a complete diet for your feline friends as well.  We believe that variety is key so, although unnecessary, it is a good idea to add other proteins to your pet’s diet from time to time. Our Furball’s Choice blend does include 3 different proteins: Chicken, Beef & Pickerel.

Contact us for more information on our raw feed products or with any questions you may have, including how to transition your kibble fed puppies/kitten and dogs/cats to raw feeding. Our trained and experienced staff will be happy to assist you.

Use our calculator below to get a general idea of how much to feed your pets daily as well as other information.

*  All Raw Products Are Subject To HST.*

Happy & Healthy Customer Testimonials

“I just wanna give a GIANT shout out to the owner, Stephanie of Furball’s Choice for what I just experienced tonight. Not only is she a big sweet heart, knows her products but the products she sells are BEYOND AMAZING. Cheaper than any butcher but HIGH QUALITY PRODUCTS. To anyone looking to switch to raw food for your dogs/cats/ferrets please give her a shout. Aside from anyone’s opinions of how “raw food is way too expensive” she will prove you wrong! Took home so much food tonight; bones, chicken’s feet etc… I’m just BEYOND happy right now and so is Forest!! I also want to note that just because I personally choose the Vegan life does not mean I would for my animals as this is what they are designed to eat as carnivores! Thanks for the read, now go check them out!!!!!! Oxo”Michelle Petit

“Last week we had decided to introduce our Havanese puppy to your raw food diet.  Up until last week, my puppy was refusing to eat her store bought kibble after trying 4 different brands.  Our vet had suggested maybe trying her on a raw diet.  Well, just one week on it, she is doing fantastic!  Not only does she eat the Furball’s Choice raw food diet, she absolutely loves it!  This makes her a very happy puppy, which makes us happy too!” – Marlene Sims Greene

“New customer to the raw diet. My dogs LOVE it. It’s easy to feed since it’s cut into 1 lb blocks. Just shove in the fridge the night before, cut in half in the morning and done. Thank you Stephanie and Carlos, for all the hard work and continued education that you both put into your business. I will be telling everyone about your food and animal services. Very satisfied customer right here” – Anne Mckee

“Thank you Furball’s Choice! For the last few weeks our German shepherd, Storm, hasn’t been eating properly and was losing weight. We were very concerned about her, then I remembered watching you feed your German shepherds a raw diet one day when we were boarding our dogs with you. We contacted you, and you guys were great about giving us information. Yesterday I purchased some from you to give it a try. At first I was worried that my older dog Harely wouldn’t do well on it because he has a weak tummy. I am very pleased and happy to say that all our dogs loved it and did wonderful with it. Last night I took out this mornings feeding and put it in the stove to defrost overnight. Storm laid on the floor in front of the stove waiting for her breakfast. You have made our pack very happy. Thank you” – Angela Cartwright

“My Savannah cat is loving the raw food!! first thing I have been able to get him to eat in 2 days! Thanks again, I will definitely contacting you again soon for more!” – Crystal Sigurdson

“Both the girls are loving their raw food thanks to you Stephanie. It just feels so good to be able to give them what they need and so much cleaner and healthy. Thank you!!” – Rachael from Peter Pans Mischief Manor

Liability Disclaimer

All the feed products prepared and sold by our supplier are not cooked. All the ingredients have come from human food plants inspected by Federal or Provincial agents. The ingredients are either immediately frozen or appropriately chilled and then frozen within 24 hours. All machinery used at our supplier’s feed kitchen is regularly washed and disinfected. We do our best to ensure that all our feed products are as fresh and free of bacteria as possible. Raw food must be maintained at –20 degrees Celsius prior to use, keep safely stored away from human food and wash your hands after touching raw meat products. Furball’s Choice, it’s suppliers, and their affiliates cannot be responsible for the inappropriate storage and unsafe use of raw meat.