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LOCATION: 6835 Hwy 62 North, Belleville, ON, K8N4Z5.  One mile North of Wal-Mart on the left, in the Sommerville Centre.

HOURS OF OPERATION:  The shop is open from 10AM to 6PM, Tuesday to Friday and 10AM to 4PM on Saturday and Sunday.  We are closed on Monday.  Holidays may modify these hours.

IN-STORE SHOPPING:  We are open for In-Store shopping again!  Please maintain 6 feet of social distancing between yourself, staff, and other customers.  Only four customer are permitted in the store at a time.  A properly fitting mask, covering the mouth, nose, and chin, is mandatory at all times while in the store.   There are no exceptions to this.  If you do not have a mask and would like to shop in-store, we can provide a new disposable mask for you to wear.  If you choose to not wear a mask, or otherwise have an exemption for wearing a mask, we will be more than happy to serve you outside.  Simply knock on the door, or call (613-743-3600) and we will be out to help you.  When being served outside, please stand clear of the door or wait in your vehicle for assistance.

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ORDERING: Place your order using the Contact Form below, or by phone at 613-743-3600. We are able to fill orders same day as long as we have what you are looking for in stock. This is a land-line and does not accept text messages.
*Please note, if orders are not placed in advance we can take an order in store but clients who may arrive after you and have placed orders in advance may be served first.*

PAYMENT: You can pay at the shop using Debit or Credit.  Our pinpad is UV sanitized between each transaction. Cash will be accepted but we do prefer contactless transactions whenever possible.

PICKING UP YOUR ORDER: You may enter the store to pick up your order. Curbside Pickup is still available as well.  If you prefer Curbside Pickup, when you arrive, give us a call and pop your trunk! Please remain in your vehicle. We will bring out your order with the payment terminal.

🖐️Do not move the barrier at the front door if it is up.🖐️  

DELIVERY: Want to avoid all the craziness?🥴 Stay home! We will deliver right to your doorstep. Local deliveries will be done EVERY Wednesday. 🚛💨
Ordering & Payment for deliveries works the same, call or email your order and send in payment by Wednesday at noon.

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Thank you all for your patience and continued support!