“Have you ever wondered where you’d end up if you took your dog for a walk and never once pulled back on the leash?”

Furball’s Choice is the leader in bringing new and innovative service to Pet Parents in Quinte. Providing you with more options when it comes time to leave your beloved furbabies with our trusted team of pet care professionals. Our Adventure Walks are one offered solely by Furball’s Choice, the first and only one of its kind between Toronto and Ottawa!

Group Adventure Walks are an open air & natural approach to the modern Dog Daycare. We combine the most natural form of fun and hours of exercise, play and socialization for your pooch, with the most convenience for you!

Dogs crave love and attention, and physical exercise is crucial to a dog’s physical and mental well being. Our Group Adventure Walks are ideal for dogs who like activity, have high socialization needs or would prefer to be outdoors most of the day.

How It Works:

One of our animal loving staff members will come to your home, pick up your dog, securely transport them in their vehicle to meet up with the rest of the group at different locations in the beautiful Bay Of Quinte. Daily travel sites will include; fields, trails, woodlands, parks, beaches and other patches of nature where dogs can safely explore.  At Furball’s Choice we believe dogs are happiest when they live and play as naturally as they were intended to.

Our frequently traveled locations include (Not Limited To):

  • Quinte Conservation
  • Potters Creek
  • Frink Center
  • Heritage Trail
  • Vanderwater Conservation
  • Sindey Conservation
  • Sagers Conservation
  • Massassauga Point
  • Bleasdell Boulder
  • Friends Of The Trail
  • Trent port marine Trail
  • Lower Trent Trail
  • Batawa Ski Hill
  • Goodrich-Loomis
  • Kings Mill
  • Eastern Ontario Trails
  • Menzel Nature Reserve

Your dogs will quickly learn that we like to reward good behaviors on the trail including polite greetings on the trail, impulse control in distracting situations  and name recognition. You’ll notice these manners carry through at home with you as well.

After the outing we drop your dog off at your home happy and tired and ready for a nap, never wasting any of his day by crating or being cooped up in the house.  Small groups also insure your dog has a safe and enjoyable experience .

Please Note: Group Adventure Walks are NOT off leash.

Benefits of our professional Group Adventure Walk service:

  • Your dog will be with a group of friendly, good energy, regular walkers. Most of our dogs are enrolled in walks at least three times per week, so you dog will be among familiar faces.
  • This service ensures your energetic pup comes home tired and satisfied after a long day of hiking, playing and socializing with friends.
  • Reinforces basic obedience, good leash manners, respect and learn new skills.
  • Your pup may go swimming, depending on the day’s planned activities and location.
  • Our Adventure Walk program is a great solution for bored, high-energy dogs that have TONS of energy and busy owners who are away for long periods of time during the day.
  • 100% Cage Free!

Group Adventure Walk Requirements:

  • Dogs should be a minimum of 6 months old.
  • Dogs must be physically able to keep a consistent pace for 12km to 15km.
  • Dogs must be friendly with other animals, people and children. No aggressive tendencies ie. toy, food, other animals, people.
  • Dogs must know and obey basic obedience commands (sit, stay, wait, come,)
  • Dogs must have a sturdy, well-fitting harness in good, safe condition (no Gentle Leader or Haltie’s, we do not use equipment intended for short term training sessions during these walks)
  • We will use our own leashes during all adventure walks for safety reasons.
  • Dog must have proof of up to date vaccinations or titer test signed off by veterinarian.

Other information about Group Adventure Walks:

  • No Breed Restrictions. Everyone is welcome!
  • Must be friendly with other dogs and people.
  • It is the clients responsibility to ensure that all current licensing tags, tattoo or microchips are up to date.
  • Starting the day with pick-ups between 9:30am and 11:00am depending on the days schedule.
  • Pups are dropped off back home between 2:30pm and 4:00pm, tired and happy of course!
  • Adventures with our group are similar to a half day of daycare and typically last 3-4 hours. Book early, as spaces are very limited in this walking program!
  • Walks are arranged with our clients’ safety in mind, and for that reason dogs are matched according to temperament, disposition and exercise needs.
  • All dogs have access to fresh water and healthy treats. And of course, everyone is closely supervised at all times. We can also include a feeding upon returning home at no extra cost.
  • We reserve the right to refuse service to dogs who do not meet our basic conduct requirements.
  • Our Group Adventure Walk program operates every Monday and Thursday, 12 months of the year!

Please Note:  All dogs are required to complete the Group Adventure Walk Program Assessment prior to enrolling in Group walks. Please contact Furball’s Choice directly for all details, requirements and restrictions surrounding these walks.

Group Adventure Walks
One Dog
Second Additional Dog (Same Household)
Third Additional Dog (Same Household)

Annual Beach Day!

The day “Wanna go for a walk?” is traded for “Wanna go for a swim?”. 

All of our clients who’s dogs regularly participate in our Group Adventure Walk Program throughout the year have the opportunity to join us for our Annual Beach Day every August to close out the Summer with a SPLASH!