House Check

In addition to taking care of your animals, we can also take care of your home!

Thieves and vandals know the telltale signs of a vacant home and take that opportunity to make you their victim. 

On each visit, we will do a full grounds check, bring in the mail, alternate lights, etc. so your home looks lived in.

Did you know?  Most insurance policies are voided if you can’t prove someone was looking after your home when the incident occurred.  With some policies, being out of your home for as little as three days could void your insurance!

Make your time away from home worry free knowing we’ve got you covered.

* Please note, prices are subject to change without notice.  Surcharges may apply for some services if they are booked on weekends, holidays, late at night, very early in the morning, or if you are located outside of our Main Service Area.  We will always work with you to find an option that works for your budget so you can experience the best service possible.  Contact Us for more information and to book your complimentary Meet and Greet .*.

Without Basic Animal Care Visit
With Basic Pet Sitting Visit
House Check (No Pets)

* Custom vacation packages are also available, Contact Us for details.*