We know what it feels like to struggle with both your pets emotions and your own, when it comes to leaving your best friend alone.

As a whole, pet parents have become more educated about pet care, we are more aware about what our pets need for a great quality of life. The benefits of having a personal pet sitter far outweighs those of putting your pet in a kennel.

Meet Our Sitters!

Stephanie is the owner and creator of Furball’s Choice. The company is based on her strong passion and connection with animals. One she has had since the young age of 5 years old “Which was when I had my first cat. I was responsible for helping my parents feed him, scoop his poop, and make sure he was well exercised”.   On top of having cared for her own pets and growing up with animals her entire life, Stephanie also possess the following experience with animals of all types. “This is my life long resume”.

Growing up in Barrie, Ontario her first job was on a horse farm specializing in training Western Pleasure & Gaming horses.  Starting from the ground up working as a groomer, mucking stalls, she soon found herself moving up to working along side her boss, training and riding young prospects.  In the past 10 years she has worked on farms that deal with Harness Racing, Private Show Barns, Circuit A Training Facilities & Boarding Facilities where animals require very specific diets and constant, attentive care.

Throughout her teenage years she donated her spare time to the local animal shelter (QHS), completed two co-op positions at the Quinte Humane Society and one co-op position at Loyalist Veterinary Hospital. After graduating High School she pursue her love of animals by accepting a job at PJ’s Pets. These years provided experience with a vast variety of animals including pocket animals, birds “The Sun Conure is my favourite.” aquatic life such as shrimp & fish, reptiles and even tarantulas. During this time Stephanie was also an approved foster home for Pet Finder.
Stephanie continued to keep her passion of working with animals alive by providing pet care services to local pet parents. In 2014 she was presented the opportunity to start her own business. When she was told there was an opportunity to combine her love of animals with providing a positive and much needed service to pet parents alike, she got started right away.   After graduating her Business Management Course at Loyalist, and her business plan receiving a stamp of approval, Furball’s Choice was born!

  • Stephanie is skilled in the administration of insulin injections, oral medication, and IC fluids, and loves caring for elderly pets, juvenile pets, pets with special health concerns & disabilities and has over a decades worth of experience providing such care.
  • She participates monthly in webinars to learn all she can about domesticated animal health.  She has extensive knowledge about different pet related diseases, illnesses and disabilities and how to treat them such as Degenerative Myelopathy, seizures, diabetes, kidney disease, arthritis just to name a few.
  • Stephanie is a Pet First Aid Certified Instructor for Walks N Wags Pet First Aid.
  • Certified in Raw Pet Food knowledge and is a Certified Pet Nutritionist.
  • Furball’s Choice works with Fixed Fur Life, The Quinte Humane Society, Soi Dog (Canada & Thailand), Boxer Rescue Ontario and Home Again Rescue.
  • Furball’s Choice supports it’s community and others.  Our company has ran fundraisers for DM research and spearheaded the ‘Pack 4 Fort Mac’ in 2016 that sent thousands of pounds of pet food and items to animals affected by the Alberta Wildfires. We will never stop helping where we can.”.
  • Stephanie regularly participates in training classes & seminars withe her own dogs for fun and educational purposes. “Its one thing to be able to calmly control my own dogs in a positive way, I like to be current on general communication and training techniques that work with any dog I am socializing with.”

Stephanie is a loving mother to her 3 German Shepherds, 3 Cats, Goats, Chickens, Ducks, a Bearded Dragon & 3 beautiful horses Ebony, Champ & Willow. She is happy to offer service to any pet parent that needs it. Furball’s Choice was specifically designed with pet parents in mind, as she is one her self and it pushed her to turn a passion into a lifestyle and make the move to become a pet sitter – “Life is too short to not do what you love”.

Becky grew up in Cobourg, Ontario and relocated to the Quinte West area with her husband in 2016. Together they are the proud parents of their daughter Melanie, son Eric and their many Fur Babies which include two German Shepherd (Scout and Atlas), a Labrador (Gus), 7 cats (Leo, Buster, Piper, Sienna, Thalia, Ella, Zara), and a bearded dragon (Indy). In addition, Becky grew up with a wide variety pets and has always had a passion for animals.

At the age of 13 Becky began volunteering at her local animal shelter. Staff at the shelter quickly noticed her passion for the animals and her patients and ability to connect with the rescued stray dogs in the shelter. Her education to the job led to staff members recommending her to new adopters and from there Becky would go to homes to walk and pet sit new adopters pets.

  • Becky began working in pet retail in 2017 where she worked to build her knowledge in the pet industry. She has been recognized by many customers for her outstanding customer service skills. Becky takes pride in getting to know clients on a deeper more personal level.
  • Through the retail store, Becky was introduced to an organization called Fixed fur Life, a rescue organization for cats. Becky became a foster parents and volunteer. To date she has fostered over 50 cats and kittens, participated in multiple rescue operations, and volunteered at a number of fundraising events.
  • Something you may not know about Becky is that she is heavily involved in her local community. Taking part in many different fundraising events, rescues and non-profit organizations for both animal and human.

Becky has proven to be a great asset to the Furball’s Choice team.

Megan was born and raised in the Quinte area. She currently resides in Belleville with her Husband and daughter. Together they all help to care for their 3 dogs ( Niko, Leia & Kodiak ) their two cats ( Chewella Da’ Chill  & Naomi ) as well as their two Cayuga ducks ( Sabastian & Viola ).  As a young adult, Megan also held a passion for smaller pocket pets such as rats and hamsters.

Megan began working at the young age of 14 when she was hired at a local restaurant in the Quinte region. Throughout her years of employment at past jobs it was obvious of Megan’s strong work ethic as she was very quickly promoted into supervisor or management roles with nearly each of her previous employers. Though she was happy and enjoyed her jobs, she was still seeking something that she was truly passionate about.

Since starting with Furball’s Choice over a year ago it’s obvious that Megan is meant to work with animals. She is extremely patient and compassionate and possesses a strong ability to keep all the animals in her care calm and relaxed.

When Megan is not walking dogs you might catch a glimpse of her working at our Pet Store.  She moves quickly when she is here as she loves to keep busy all day long. But don’t worry, she will always take the opportunity to stop and say hello. Megan is the social butterfly of our team and this shines through in her strong customer service skills.


Madi was born and raised in Ohio, but moved to the Belleville area when she was 9! Now 20 years old, Madi is currently in university studying chemistry. She hope to use her degree to work with a company that makes/improves animal medications!

When Madi thinks back to childhood, she is unable to remember a time where her life wasn’t surrounded by animals.  Her family has three German Shepherds ( Lincoln, Caesar & Odin ) and three cats (Alfred, Abbey & Barry ). To add to the chaos, she has a cat ( Olivia ) and a horse ( Chase ) of her own!

For many years Madi has gained a great deal of experience working with horses in a personal and professional setting. She has devoted many hours of volunteering to help to train them and take care of them. She has also partaken in teaching lesson under the guidance of her coach and working at kids camps since she was 12.

Madi has completed training in the area of Equine First Aid & Emergency Care and she is currently registered to complete her Pet First Aid & CPR training. By the end of 2021 Madi hopes to have also completed her Rider Levels in order to become a Certified Horseback Riding Coach.

In addition to her work on the equestrian side of things, Madi has watched her step dad conduct basic, intermediate and advance dog training lessons for the past several years. While doing so, she has gained lots of valuable knowledge pertaining to canine behaviour, communication & handling.

There is nothing she loves more than animals! She is beyond excited and happy to work with your furbabies!




Our Promise To You

Trust, Quality & Security.

We treat our clients, their pets, and home with a standard of professionalism and care that is incomparable in our industry.  Furball’s Choice is continually working to set the bar high for pet sitting standards in our industry.

Our staff conduct each service with honesty and truthfulness. Providing our clients with honest feedback, and being open to honest feedback from our clients.  We humbly recognize that we can always do better through mutual feedback and communication.

Our company possesses insurance and liability coverage for your pets, home and property for the duration of our visits. We respect the trust our clients have placed in us to care for their most valuable possessions.

All staff are Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid Certified with emergency contingencies in place to handle any emergency situation that may come our way, and the ability to safely and adequately care for any pets whom require medication or limited ability care.

Furball’s Choice is an active member of Professional Pet Sitters International, Veterinarian, Groomer & Rescue recommended for both Care Services & Natural Pet Products. There is a reason that Furball’s Choice is Quinte’s only multi-award winning Pet Care Service.  Voted Favourite Pet Care Service by the people of Belleville for 2016 and also awarded the title of Best New Business during the 2016 Quinte Business Achievement Awards.

At Furball’s Choice we believe the “Keys to Great Care” are:

  • Superior Customer Service: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, high-quality care and service.
  • Environment: Provide a clean, active, positive, enjoyable environment while providing professional and trusting service.
  • Convenience: Being mostly mobile, offering clients a wide range of services in their own personal environment specific for every animal type.
  • Location: We will come to you, making Furball’s Choice an easily accessible service for your convenience.
  • Reputation: Credibility, integrity, and 100% dedication, from more than a decade of experience and passion with animals.